Why WPC is Most Demanded Material in Growing Plywood Industry

In the growing plywood industry, the importance of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) can’t be hidden by anyone. It is one of the fine and durable building construction materials. Due to the eco-friendly nature, WPC is always on high demand in the market. Are you seeking for substitute of natural wood of plywood? The selection of WPC material is the best choice in this search. As the leading WPC Manufacturer in Delhi India we have vast experience in fulfill industry demand.

What is WPC?

WPC or Wood Plastic Composite is the combination of Waste Wood Fibers and Thermoplastics. With the combination of these two components, we get a base material to retain thick consistency. WPC can mold into different shapes and sizes. In the construction and renovation of home, the use of WPC Boards and Doors is one of the remarkable choices for the clients.

Why WPC Material is Ideal In Comparison to Other Plywood Material?

  • The Countless Features are available in the WPC Material.
  • The Countenance of WPC Material looks like natural wood.
  • Less Maintenance and Repair is also the feature of WPC Boards and Doors.
  • Due to the High Level of Resistant to Moisture WPC Boards are more durable such as other materials
  • It also secures from any type of Fungus and Termite.

How Additive Substances Affects Ideal WPC Boards & Doors?

Wood Plastic Composites is the common material of the plywood industry and designed with the combination of wood flour and substances of Thermoplastics like PE, PVC, and PP. The addition of invisible chemicals additives is also available in WPC Boards. These additives substances are playing a major role in creating ideal conditions of the process in the combination of Polymer and Wood Flour.

Top Advantages of WPC Material:

Waterproof & Anti—Cracking Plywood Material:

The extraordinary advantage of WPC Boards is Waterproof with Anti-Cracking Feature. The Anti-UV Rays Properties have already existed in the WPC Material. This is the key reason that WPC boards are so much durable in comparison to other Plywood Board.

Long-Lasting Age:

According to the quality and durability of WPC Boards, the age of the WPC Board is around d 25-30 Years. This type of Plywood Material is not only looking awesome for the decorum of home but also last long.

Worry For Summer Plywood Negative Effects:

Summer Negative Effects on Wooden Material is an important aspect for the users. If you are thinking that WPC Board and Doors will get faded and splintered in summers then you are wrong. No matter how much hot summers? The WPC Boards always look stunning and never look faded and wrapped during summer.

Balance of High-Quality Substances:

As we know, WPC Material designed with High-Quality Materials such as Modifiers, foaming agents, stabilizers and other substances in the balanced ratio. All these aspects define high-quality material of WPC Boards.

Not Harmful For Environment:

There are not Toxic Chemicals available in WPC Material and that’s why they are not harmful to the environment. The Eco-Friendly Nature of WPC Boards has added an extra feature in this material. WPC Material is the outcome of Plastic and Wood Flours. The Environment Quality of WPC is listed in EO Class.

Customization Available:

You can get different shapes and sizes of WPC Material. With this feature, people can design the designers’ doors for their home and commercial space. The use of WPC Material is also in Windows. From Home Furnishing to Commercial Space Renovation WPC Doors and Boards will give an affluent and fine look to the place.

Affordable Cost or Easy Maintenance:

The Affordable Building Material Solution is WPC Material. Due to the Waterproof Feature, WPC Boards Does not require special care and maintenance. WPC Boards and Doors are also designed in different colors and designs. Even, WPC boards also not need any paint because of the traditional wooden material.

Safe Material:

When we compare other Plywood Materials we can say that WPC boards are much safe, splinter free and slip resistant. These features are also safe for kids and pets. The safety feature in the plywood material is so much important. Our Company is known as the WPC Board Manufacturer in Delhi.

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