The Solid Door Frames & Doors in India is the ideal choices for all builders, constructors, and retailers. Due to the versatile and durable features in Door Frames & Doors these are popular in industry. E3 Door Frames meet the variety of customers requirements in the range of Interior and exterior door and window application. When you are thinking to install strong WPC material for door frames and doors then you take a look at the strong and amazing properties of E3 Solid Door Frames & Doors.

Why E3 Door Frames & Doors Are Best In Comparison to Others?

100% Waterproof Material:
The WPC Door Frames are 100% Waterproof Material. The Waterproof Material is the top property in the WPC Solid Door Frames.

Terminate Proof Wooden Frames & Door:
Terminate Proof Door Frame in India is popular among all constructors, builders, and builders. The ideal WPC door should be termite free and also waterproof and that’s why we added both the properties in our doors and door frames.

Compatible in All Weather Conditions:
The strong property based solid door and door frames are resistant in all weather conditions. The sturdy properties in Door Frames & Doors are always attracting to the clients for trusting in our quality materials. The Professional Architectures always consider good weather Compatibility Door Frames for their projects.

Solidness is Our Guarantee:
The solidness in the door and door frames is also the eminent feature. Now, we are becoming the Top Most Company of Solid WPC Door Suppliers in India. The high quality and strength properties of E3 Doors make it different from others.

7 Different Sizes:
The Solid Door Frames & Doors are available in 7 different sizes. The clients can consider the size of these WPC door frames and doors according to their requirements.

Long-Lasting & Durable:
WPC Solid Door Frames & Doors are long-lasting and durable. The WPC door frame and doors should be compatible in all weather conditions and that’s why best WPC designed durable and long-lasting features based solid door frames & doors.

Fire Retardant & Shock Resistant:
Durable, long-lasting, termite & waterproof are important features in WPC doors but the most important property for any door frames and door is fire retardant and shock resistant for the security which is available in E3 WPC Door Frames.

Product Specifications

  • Water Proof

  • 100% Termite & Borer Proof

  • Fire Retardant

  • Easy to Use & Install