The Glue for Pasting Edge Band on Plywood, MDF, and other particles is the ideal tool to fulfill the requirement of plywood designing tasks. E3 Glue has so many advantages due to the premium quality of the product. The glue is responsible to establish the strongest bonding for edge banding. These types of adhesives are necessary for completing the task of PVC Edge Bending. When we paste non-metallic substances such as PVC then this type of adhesives is known as Glue, Cement or Mucilage.

The Ideal Solution For PVC Edge Banding:
Pre Glued PCV Edge Banding with the high resistance and cutting edge feature is now possible when you choose Adhesives Such as Glue or Masking Tape. As we already discussed the extensive features of masking tapes are now we have come on the uses, features, and benefits of Glue by E3. The PVC Pro Glue is available in different packagings such as 250gm, 500gm, and 1KG.

Consider Only Powerful Components Based Glue For Your PVC Edge Banding:
In the modern world, carpenters do not consider the use of a machine to apply the PVC to the panel. The edging process on PVC can also do by the Glue. PVC Edging is an important task in the panels and can easily do by the professionals when they apply the application of Durable, Resistant, and Strong PVC Edge Band Glue. E3 Company is the Best PVC Pro Glue Manufacturers in India and offers optimum quality plywood and PVC Material to the clients. From Masking Tapes to Plywood Boards, everything has come with the premium quality from our company.

How to use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Spread the glue uniformly & in a thin coat on the wooden surfaces to be pasted.
  • Join both the surfaces firmly & secure the joints by tape. Put some weight/pressure on the top surface for 12 hours in summers & 24 hours in other seasons.

Available in multiple packings of 250gm, 500gm, 1kg.