Nearly 30+ Years of Industry Experience, E3 can build the strongest and high resistance material for the plywood industry. You are on the platform of among Top Plywood Manufacturers in India. Due to the industry demand, we are introducing the new range of E3 Plywood Boards in India. You must take a glimpse on this high-quality material when you want to decorate the interior or exterior of your site with high-quality plywood material. Not only individual but also on commercial and large scale interior and exterior projects of plywood we carry out the demand of every client with our premium quality plywood range. The Properties in Plywood Boards and Sheets are responsible for making them durable as well as economical. The dynamic features in our Plywood Sheets make it different from other materials.

The vital significance of plywood in the constructions and furniture industry can’t ignore by us. The versatility of plywood material makes it more worthy and demanded in the industry for different tasks. The plywood comes in the different shapes and sizes but the ideal plywood material always has a strong and good substance-based raw material. There are two types of plywood designing measures because it can design of softwood or hardwood.

Laminate With Multiple Layers of Wood:
The combination of different layers of wood chips and shavings lay on top of each other and joint together is known as the plywood. The premium plywood designs with the perfect arrangement of each layer which enhances the strength of the laminates. The process makes the plywood pieces as the strong plywood with real food properties. The resistance properties is also twice of plywood rather than regular wood.

Cost-Effective Plywood Material:
Plywood Boards & Sheets was designed with wood chips and shavings. Even the installation of plywood boards and sheets for various furniture and construction tasks has come in the cost- effective budget.

Stability in Plywood is Important:
Use of adhesives and alternating grains in plywood is good the stability. It enhances the plywood stability rather than regular wood. The Plywood Sheets & Boards for furniture and constructions are resistant to shrinking and warping. The Plywood Sheets for Flooring are the optimum choice when you want to pick the longest durable material for your home or project of construction.

Flexibility and Thickness:
The Plywood Sheets Thickness and Flexibility is also the feature of our plywood products. The premium range of plywood material is not relay upon in the same functions real wood like the shape, appearance, and size. The Plywood has come with a smooth veneer that gives the ideal finishing appearance of wood.

  • Turbo

    The First, Category of Our Plywood Material is E3 Turbo.  The compounding of two important materials such as New Zealand Pine Wood and Hard Wood has Defines the Turbo Plywood Variant. This is the strongest plywood variant in all categories.

  • Energy

    In the Four Variants of Plywood Energy is the most demanded and optimum choice when it comes to building the office and home furniture.

  • Fighter

    E3 Fighter is an important variant of Plywood Boards & Sheets. Due to the compatibility and high-resistant feature, E3 Fighter Boards are the best choice material for all those contractors of the furniture and construction industry.

  • Advance Panels

    E3 Advance Panels Boards are made of 100% Core Material that makes it worthy for designing the strongest material. The interior and exterior tasks by the Advanced Panels Boards & Sheets are the extremely good choice for the contractors or individuals.

  • Shuttering Plywood

    The 100% Phenol Bonded Plywood is known as the Shuttering Plywood. The Shuttering Plywood has come with the compatibility of phenol in all glue lines. The smooth film coating on both sides in the Shuttering Plywood in India is widely used during construction for cement frameworks.

Product Specifications

All E3 Water Proof Composite Boards are 100% replacement of plywood & can be used in all types of household & office furniture. The customer has to select the product according to their usage.

  • Eco Friendly

  • Water Proof

  • 100% Termite & Borer Proof

  • Fire Retardant

  • High Screw & Nail Holding Capacity

  • Easy to Use & Install