General Purpose Masking Tape

The Masking Tape is an ideal tool for painting use in the home and workplace. Therefore, the Masking Tape in India is appropriate for different common household surfaces. From Trimming, Masking and Edging E3 Masking Tapes are ideal for all these tasks and easy to apply the tool. The long and customized widths are also the feature in this tape. Even the durable Masking Tapes can also useful in 40-130 Degrees of interior and exterior. The blend, flex, stretch and molding easily for you when you are applying your task with Masking Tape. Durable, Portable, Flexible and Long Lasting are some prominent features of Masking Tapes which initiate to the professionals for using our products for quality work.

  • Masking Tape

    • Premium Grade
    • Easy Tearable
    • Guaranteed Length
    • No Surface Peeling
    • Residue free removal
    • Excellent Strength

  • Glue

    For manually pasting Edge Band on Plywood, MDF and particles boards. E3 PVC Pro Glue is the best water based EVA adhesive.