Chairman & CEO

Mr. Sanjay Garg

Chairman & CEO

As the Chairman & CEO of E3 Group, he is a phenomenon leader with a visionary outlook for huge transformation and exponential growth. Mr. Garg started the journey in 1990 with a small retail outlet and gradually emerged as a leading industrialist of new age products.

He has been a great supporter of Make in India initiative and focused extensively on producing quality products which were earlier mainly imported in India. He is also known for his role in developing the ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) industry in India.

Mr. Garg aims at revolutionising the industry with his out of the box thinking and believes in achieving his goals. His magnetic leadership quality, innovative ideas, visionary attitude, and strategic thinking has transformed E3 Group’s inspiring & remarkable growth catering to huge markets within a short span of time. He has been a mentor to his subordinates, consistently motivating and inspiring them to offer the best quality products and in achieving the goals together. His rich experience is noteworthy in the B2B sector and he is constantly striving to build a huge distribution network across the globe.

Mr. Sushil Goyal


Mr Sushil has more than 25 years of experience in the Plastic related industry. An innovative mind and expert in technology particularly known for his unique approach. He leads the manufacturing aspect of plastic related products produced by E3 Group.

He believes in the quality-orientated product and focuses primarily on market trends and customer preference.

His continuous effort and extensive research have made E3 products popular across the country and is known for maintaining world-class quality while being cost-effective.

Mr Sushil Garg’s contribution has been remarkable in the leading product of E3 Group like PVC Edge Band and PVC Laminates.

His experience and guidance in the area of technology and innovation have enhanced our brand image in the market significantly.

Mr. Ajay Garg


Mr Ajay is an integral part of E3 Group with 26 years of extensive experience in Sales & Marketing. He leads the Sales and Marketing vertical of E3 Group and has developed the Sales Division to propel business growth and leads for the high-performing outcome. He has been the breakthrough in distributing E3 products in every nook & corner of the country.

His Sales approach has been remarkable in building huge networks and partnerships in every state of India. The marketing techniques and unique sales management strategy he uses to communicate effectively and deliver terrific performance have been extremely outstanding and effective. Mr Ajay prioritises his Goals & objectives by understanding the target market & audience and acts strategically. His contribution in building E3 Group into a leading New Age Products manufacturer has been tremendous.

He is continuously looking for E3 Group expansion by entering into other divisions such as Paper Laminate in Hapur, MDF Plants, 300CPM Plants in Kashipur, Artificial Turvo Plants in Greater Noida, Charcoal over in Greater Noida, etc.

Mr. Jay Garg


Mr. Jay Garg has more than 21 years of industry experience and leads the Edge Band Division of E3 Group. He introduced the motto of E3 (Elegant, Everlasting and Economical) and also implemented the concept in all the products.

He is driven by new ideas with understanding of market driving for exponential growth of the organization. Under his leadership, Edge Band became the most recognised product of E3 Group.

His innovations and contributions in the Edge Band industry have been remarkable in recent times which has compelled the industry to promote Made in India Edge Band. He is the mastermind behind creating a retail segment by introducing a suitable range of edge bands in the Market.

Mr Jay has been instrumental as a core member of the management team and is responsible for the upliftment of the organization. His leadership quality is appreciated and inspired by the entire company.

Mr. Utsav Garg


Mr Utsav Garg is the youngest Director of E3 Group with 5 years of industry experience. He is driven by fresh ideas and an innovative mind in developing & driving the next generation leaders of E3 Group.

His contribution to the growth of the organization has been pivotal. Mr Utsav has been mainly involved in the manufacturing and marketing of PVC Laminates. Laminate designs introduced by him are spectacular which has changed the market trends.

His effort in the growth of PVC Laminates industry in such a short span of time has been incredible. His leadership quality with immense confidence and courage to make tough decisions and take immediate actions on a matter affecting the company’s growth is notable.